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Dylan  - Sales Manager

Dylan - Sales Manager View

Originally from Indiana, this country-boy forged great relationships with customers from the time he began @ ABC. Dylan developed into one of our All-Time Best Sales Representatives and quickly worked his way thru the ranks up to Sales Manager.

Dylan is a great representative of both ABC Autos Inc. as well as the Seminole Heights Community which surrounds it.

While employed @ ABC Dylan has helped forged relationships that span multiple generations. Our customers love him for his candor, his attention to detail, and most of all his passion for doing the right thing for our customer.

Don't hesitate to "ASK FOR DYLAN"!!!
Herberth - 'La Conexion Hispania'

Herberth - 'La Conexion Hispania' View

Originally from San Miguel, El Salvador. Herberth immigrated from his former home in the small Central American nation to live the American dream!

Herberth has been in the car industry for over 25 years; after excelling in many other endeavors in New York City Herberth moved to Tampa in 1995.

He is literally 'The Most Interesting Man" @ ABC Autos! He has stories and knowledge that exceed most anyone's expectations. Come buy a car or sit down and have a chat with 'La Conexion Hispania'
Robert - Sales Rep

Robert - Sales Rep View

Originally from Puerto Rico. This proud lion has worked his way through the automotive industry from his time @ Lexus in Jacksonville to his extensive Buy Here/Pay Here experience in the bay area.

Robert's knowledge of the automotive finance industry is only exceeded by his knowledge and love for the sport of boxing. Just take a look around his office at his nephew's pictures, trophies, and belts. When he is not hard at work here, Robert is usually training, coaching, or helping out the boxing community in any way possible.

Come by and see Robert or search Mark Reyes Jr online to find out more about this boxing aficionado.
Felipe - Sales Rep.

Felipe - Sales Rep. View

Kevin - Sales Rep.

Kevin - Sales Rep. View

This Illinois Bad-Boy has found a home in the Tampa Bay Area and has settled down from his crazy ways.

Coming from a hard-working, country style background Kevin is ready and willing to do anything and everything he can in order to get his customers into the car they deserve.

Can't miss this Monster among men. Come see Kev @ ABC and show that northern hospitality is more than just an illusion!

Steven - Sales Manager - Wimauma View

Joanne - Customer Service Rep / Wimauma Office Manager View

Edwin - Lot Technician/Wrecker Operator

Edwin - Lot Technician/Wrecker Operator View

Born and raised in Tampa, FL, Edwin knows all the ins and outs about what's going on about town.

Hard to get a hold of him sometimes with all the things he does around here. Between cleaning up the lot, making sure our inventory is clean and running properly, making auction runs for us, and generally overseeing our entire property; Edwin enjoys being a "Man About Town"!

If you ever get a chance to engage him in a conversation be sure to take advantage of it because you certainly won't be disappointed!
Hector - Service Manager

Hector - Service Manager View


Remember the name! Hector will be your point of contact for ALL of your warranty items or service needs!

An asset from his time with ABC Hector's leadership allows him to run a full-service department handling both our warranty items and all of our internal vehicle inspections!

Hector knows the ins and outs of ABC as he is also a valued customer! Ask him about anything you need for your vehicle as we give our customers parts @ cost!

Kevin - Service Writer/Asst Manager

Kevin - Service Writer/Asst Manager View

A native New Yorker Kevin is new to the area but not to the business! As Hector's right-hand, Kevin helps with all of his daily tasks as well as process management and inventory control.

Kevin's history as a parts clerk enables him to get you the best price on any and all of your parts needs!

Let Kevin save you $$$ on your vehicle needs @ ABC!
Jaime - Technician

Jaime - Technician View

Our newest tech: Jaime is a proud father, devoted husband, and a great technician.

Jaime enjoys clowning around most times and is always sure to put you in a good mood.

Check out Jaime on FACEBOOK @ 5:00 for "Rides with Jaime" and you surely won't be disappointed.
Wilfredo - Technician/Shop Foreman

Wilfredo - Technician/Shop Foreman View

Our Shop Foreman: Willy is our longest-tenured technician and oversees all of our shop duties.

Willy exhibits a can-do attitude and his problem-solving skills are what everyone in this business looks for in a technician.

"Big Willy Style" will help you with any and all of your service needs throughout the life of your vehicle!

Rafael - Technician

Rafael - Technician View

Named after everyone's favorite Ninja Turtle: Raphael uses his extensive automotive and mechanical knowledge to "knock out" any vehicle issues!

"Cool but Rude" this mechanical Ninja will diagnose and repair any issues you might have as fast as you can order a pizza!...NO ANCHOVIES!
Jay - Customer Service Manager

Jay - Customer Service Manager View

Born and bred in the backwoods of Nashville, Tennessee. This retired folk singer has been in the Tampa-Bay area since 2014 giving our customers as much southern charm as they can handle.

Being a lifelong Tennessee Volunteer fan Jay is no stranger to disappointment.

All kidding aside, Jay is the man you need to see if you need help with your account. He oversees our exceptional customer service staff so don't hesitate to reach out to him with any questions or concerns.

"Can't Pay??? Make an Arrangement with Jay!"

Isabel - Customer Service Rep.

Isabel - Customer Service Rep. View

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